Wednesday, June 27, 2012

He will bring you through it.

I keep seeing this quote on Pinterest. "If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it." Recent events have really put this on my mind. 

You know how you always have those "hopefuls" in your life? I had one for quite awhile. I finally found myself asking God to give me a sign either way the next time I met with the "hopeful". Despite all of the signs I thought I had before pushing things in one direction, this time, the signs strongly pushed the opposite. I know for certain that this "hopeful" doesn't want to pursue any deeper relationship with me.

Now, I know things like this happen all of the time. But...after tons of mental "what ifs" that kept playing in my brain...this time was different. I immediately felt peace of knowing that it was over. Yes, I was sad, but for only a day or so. Strange but true. What brought me through it was God! 

This summer was going to be a big break with not a lot of things planned. In an almost impulsive decision, I decided to help a friend by being in a dinner theater production of Annie for several small parts. Little did I know that this is what would bring me through it. I went to rehearsal the next night and haven't had a bad feeling since about the outcome of the hopeful situation. God definitely brought me through it. 

Naturally, I wondered why I spent so much time thinking about this person rather than opening myself up to new possibilities. Then, I realized, that I WAS opening myself up. Just because the possibilities aren't the romantic types yet, I've met a great group of people and challenged myself to something totally new and fun. Sometimes, God answers prayers by turning your attention in a completely new direction. Sometimes, those answers actually make me laugh! Always, those answers make me a better ME!