Monday, April 9, 2012

Cleanliness Next to Godliness

I have to confess...I'm a slob. I've let the stuff of the world creep into my life over the years. It's funny really, because if you look at my closets and drawers, they're neatly organized. Then, there's the rest. I get stuck and everything ends up in piles all over the house. Parts have been so bad that my nieces told me I need to go on Clean House. One even told me that I can't get married because my house would blow up by adding my husband's stuff to mine. 

So, is cleanliness next to Godliness? I'm starting to think it is. When my house is clean, I have more time to focus on God and the clutter doesn't creep in. When my house is clean, my mind is less stressed because I'm not fretting over all of the things I need to do. When my life is organized, I'm not forgetting things and feeling guilty later. By being "clean" in my life, my mind can spend more time celebrating God's creation.

This leads me to my goal. I've set a goal for myself this year to totally organize my house including paperwork. I've been working on it little by little. Before Easter, I did this with my room at school so much that I was exhausted and burning out by the time it came to working at home on it. Instead, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and the organizing blogs that keep me inspired to try.

So, over the summer break, I will be spending those hot days inside getting organized. Why? Because I need peace of mind. I need to know that someone can drop by without being embarrassed. I need to know that I can concentrate on helping others without being overcome with my mess. I need to feel like I have my life in control because God has helped me get there. 

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