Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Snow is a pros and cons event in my life. While I hate the coldness, I love how it brightens up the night. While I hate shoveling it, I like how it gives me a workout without going to the gym. While I hate the mess it eventually creates, I love it's comfort like a white fluffy blanket as it falls from the clouds and sticks to the trees.My love/hate relationship with snow makes me think of other things in my life that I love and hate.

A few years ago, my sister told me she was made aware in church of the benefits of being a single. Until then, she felt bad for me because I couldn't find the man meant for me. Here are some of the things she realized:
1. I have freedom to come and go as I please.
2. I can spend more time with her kids because I don't have my own family at home.
3. I have total control of the remote.
4. I can be neat or a slob. It's my choice.
5. I can eat what I want for dinner even if it's just a bowl of ice cream.
6. I can be involved in the church even more.

Are there negatives to these discoveries? ABSOLUTELY! But while I'm still a single, I'm doing my best to rejoice and enjoy my time as a blessing instead of a curse. Sometimes, it's heavenly to only have to do my thing. So, to my married friends...don't pity me. Yes, I would like to date someone special. In the mean time, accept me for who I am and realize that being single isn't the worst thing in the world. it's just what God has planned for me at this time.

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