Monday, January 30, 2012


Last week, I had an "encounter" with someone new at church. It was someone I'd never met before. Basically, the encounter included an expressed opinion about my profession and how we don't work as hard. Yes, I'm a teacher and unless you spend a few days with me and do everything I do, I don't expect you to understand. The opposite is true too. I don't know what others do unless I try it myself. I know other professions are difficult. I've tried them when I was searching for a teaching job, in between subbing, etc. Anyway, I didn't snap back at this person and took the "high road" the rest of the evening.

I stewed over it for a few days letting it get to me. Well...God showed me the humor I needed Sunday morning. I attend the early service and as I was getting in my car, guess who was parked RIGHT BESIDE ME! You guessed it! I purposely greeted this person and made light conversation before leaving. As I was leaving, I "LOL" (laughed out loud) the whole way down the road. It was a total relief and I no longer have that issue bothering me.

Some people don't believe God has a sense of humor. But, if we were made in His image, wouldn't sense of humor be part of that? Personally, I believe God isn't laughing at us. That's not His style, but I'm sure he laughs with me when I do something really klutzy or with my students who have their creative imaginations that sometimes become very comical. Laughter is a blessing that releases our heart and physical body from the seriousness we impose on ourselves. With that in mind, God definitely must want us to enjoy laughter. As for the naysayers who don't believe there should be humor in church/religion ... lighten up and go have a good belly laugh!

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