Friday, January 13, 2012

Blessings from a Purse

My friends know that I started yet another direct sales business this 4th. The difference this time is that I prayed about it first for a few weeks. In my prayers, I told God that I planned to use this business to help me reach the world, support my financial future better, and help His kingdom as well. I prayed that it was an answer I needed. Then...I waited. Sometimes, waiting takes a LONG time (which is really short for God, but seems long to us). This one, not so much. I had a feeling about this decision that it felt completely right. The right fit.

This month, I've been carrying a new sample (not one of my favorites, really) and lots of people have been paying attention to it. I've learned business lessons from it like carry catalogs with you, make sure your info is updated, etc. Today, as I checked out at the local grocery, again, it was noticed. In the past, I wouldn't thank Him for this. But as I drove away, I was praising Him fully the whole way to work. Whoever thought I'd be praising God for something that a purse started. I've always heard that God is in the details. Little did I know He'd be in a turquoise purse too! Thank you, Lord!!!

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