Wednesday, January 4, 2012

OCD Moments

I once heard on a show that everyone has their own levels of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) about something. Even those who are immersed in clutter have something that must be in an organized fashion like a routine. Think about it. You probably do the same things in the same order as you get ready for the day. I know when I put in my contacts, the right one ALWAYS goes in first. It doesn't feel right when I try to reverse it.

I watch these organizing shows and dream of the time when my house will look like that. I guess you'd call me a reverse clutterer. My closets and drawers are pretty well-organized. Yes...that's my silverware drawer in the picture. What makes it reversed is that everything that doesn't have a place yet ends up in a pile somewhere.

Looking at my piles of clutter and my immaculate silverware drawer, it makes me wonder why people are like this. Why do we like structure and conformity so much? Is it because we fear the unknown? Why are some people comfortable with immense structure and order, while others seem to find pleasure in the lack of order of things? Even children crave structure despite their complaints about it. It's a comfort that makes them feel secure. Does structure in our adult lives make us feel secure too?

Most of all, what does God want us to do? Does he want us to follow a specific formalized format for worship or is He happy when we venture into the unknown and let our joy predict our path? Even as Christians, we enjoy order in our worship whether it's a formal style or the newer contemporary style that many churches have now added. It's all structured in some way to make us feel comfortable and at home with God when we are there. Worship is one of God's ways to make us feel safe. That's why I worship. I need the structure to feel safe. I need that time at the beginning of my week and help protect me throughout the rest of the week. He's protecting my spirit. That's what matters most.

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