Saturday, January 14, 2012

Warning Signs

As I was sitting watching a long train go by, I snapped a quick pic of the warning lights. It also got me thinking about the warning signs we see and hear daily...
traffic signals
road signs
property signs
beeps (dryer, microwave, vehicles, etc.)
dark clouds
TV warnings
...and more.

Then I thought about what signs God gives us in our daily lives. Some are big, some are subtle. Those dark clouds aren't so subtle nor are the lightening flashes and sounds of thunder. However, that's not all He does. That little inkling inside that you feel when you're making a choice about something. He uses the Holy Spirit to tell you that you're not taking the right path. It's the warning that lets you know something's not right. So many amazing things have happened in the past where someone got a special feeling and responded to it.

And when we don't listen? Of course, then we usually suffer some type of consequences. Take for instance eating. You know you can't handle eating so much sugar or spice or whatever, yet you still do. You indulge. usually pay for it in one way or another. Some people take pills to combat these choices, but really, you're still paying by paying for temporary relief. It's that way with other decisions too. Sometimes, you put off things or run away them only to pay for them later.

God gives us the strength to face things. He is there. He will be there after the unpleasantness enters your life. He is there to warn us ahead of time. A difficult thing for us is to pay attention. The best way is to have a personal one-on-one relationship with God. Talk to Him. Tell him your feelings. Listen to your instincts. That's God helping you.

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