Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's over...Time's up!

What's over you ask? The end of Christmas vacation. I re-enter the workforce today with anxiety and longing for more time off. I long for the next break or even a snow day to get things accomplished that I blew off this holiday. Sad, isn't it? I had the time to do these things. I can make some time on the weekends before things pick up again. So why did I blow it off?

Well...let's see. We'll start with my weight loss. I'd lost 70 pounds through 2 different programs over the last 4 years. I get bored with it and use celebrations as an excuse to eat badly. Therefore, since my birthday in October, I've now gained back almost 30 pounds. GRRR! I miss that time of wearing those new skinny jeans that now won't come close to wearable. So, again, I'll TRY to find my "mojo" to get the weight off again. I planned to start the day after Christmas and that only lasted about a day and a half.

When you're losing weight in a program, you hear promises of keeping it off,  yet so many fail and have to keep working at it. It's a life-long process now. I know that. But, I still love pizza, subs, fast food, etc. It's like that covenant I talked about the other day. Do you have to do everything full-force to get desired results? Yeah, it might take a little longer, but I'm sure I'll be happier along the way. Yes...food makes me happy, comforts me and is a reward. So, eating healthy gets shoved in the backseat sometimes.

I can't help it. I even grew up in church which is usually filled with snacks, potlucks, etc. Even in meetings, we talked about serving food to get more people to come to things. Nothing wrong with that! Food is a natural way to ease people into conversation and make them feel comfortable with you. Even daters usually go out for dinner or coffee on the first date. It's less threatening I guess.

So, back to my original topic...blowing things off for later. I figured it out. Because I pushed myself so hard this summer (4 grad classes among it all), I needed a break that I seemed to have missed. I needed rest and reflection. I needed time with God. I needed time to evaluate what I want to do next. I needed time to just be. Vacations are for recovering physically and mentally. Taking a much-needed break from the hectic and exhausting schedules of work life. Taking time for me. I know it's ok because I did it and everything's still here for me to tackle when I'm ready...some day.

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